Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting with a pisco sour

This blog describes a montage of molecular gastronomy enjoyed by my wife and friends at Jose Andres' Mini Bar at Cafe Atlantico

Without a doubt, one of the best cocktails I have ever had.

Olive oil bon bons

Suspensions of olive oil with a crunchy outter shell to start our meal.

Beet tumbleweed

This one tasted a lot like Terra chips. Slivers of beets fried.


A traditional mojito presented as a suspension.

Bagles and lox

Salmon roe on top of a creamcheese foam, wrapped in a bread paper.


Dragon's breath popcorn

A popcorn cake that has been dunked in liquid nitrogen. After you consume it, you breathe smoke like a dragon.

Bleu cheese and almond

Boneless curried chicken wing


Steamed brioche bun with caviar

Cotton candy eel

Roasted eel is one of my favorite preparations at a good sushi bar. I don't think I have had better than this.

Sun dried tomato salad

This dish began the flavors & textures portion of the menu.

Zucchini in textures

Zucchini seeds suspended in a zucchini gelai on top of a zucchini puree. Magnificent!

Ceasar Salad

This is one of those classic dishes that is so much better when updated to the 21st century!

Parmesan Egg with Migas

Roasted baby corn

Reconstructed Guacamole

Tomato sorbet wrapped in avacado with crushed Fritos.

Salmon-pineapple ravioli & crispy quinoa

Smoked oysters with apples & juniper

Deconstructed clam chowder

If chowder came like this, I would order it more often. Exceptional.

Philly Cheesesteak

This really interesting dish featured a bread puff filled with a light cheese foam and was wrapped in thinly sliced, rare Kobe beef.Lets see anyone on South Street in Philadelphia top this!

Breaded cigala with sea salad


Thai dessert.Frozen yogurt and honey.

Sweet Ending

Chocolate covered corn nuts, mango box and saffron gumdrop with edible wrapperI think most of my dining companions would agree that this dessert looked interesting, but was a bit of a let down.